About Us

Industrial silencer manufacture
Industrial silencer manufacture

We have been manufacturing metal products since 1975 – yes, 40 years.

Our core manufacturing has always been based on metal plate fabrication and welding along with sheet metal and frame work

We fabricate:

  • Industrial silencers
  • Pressure vessels
  • Oil and gas burners
  • Metal frameworks
  • Pipes, tanks and panels,
  • Filets and many other forms of metal construction.
Pipe manufacture
Large pipe manufacture

We work in:

  • Carbon steel
  • Stainless steel (including duplex stainless steel)
  • Monel
  • High temperature steel.

Whilst we are a sub-contractor, manufacturing to clients designs, we often advise clients on their designs and the optimum ways to manufacture to meet their requirements.

All are employees are fully trained, qualified and certified.  We primarily use our own in-house employees, but will occasionally bring in specialists for specific jobs.

We have associated designers who can assist with your design if required.

For your metal fabrication requirements do contact us.